Apple WWDC '21: CarPlay in 15: Announce Messages with Siri, Driving Focus customization, and new wallpapers

Apple announced new features coming to CarPlay in iOS 15

Announce Messages with Siri

Announce Messages first appeared on AirPods, where Siri can read text messages through earphones without looking at your iPhone or iPad.

For the first time, now with iOS 15, Announce Messages now works with CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay Announce Messages #bsocially

Apple CarPlay Announce Messages #bsocially


This new feature on CarPlay makes it very convenient because it automatically reads your new messages aloud as they are received. This is especially important while driving because you never have to look over at the screen to see notifications, badges and/or banners, which makes this completely hands-free.

Of course this may also bring up the question as to what if I have passengers in the vehicle? Apple CarPlay is configurable to mute anr nouncements by selecting either "Announce New Messages", "Mute Announcements", and "Remember Previous Setting".

Driving Focus

Focus is a feature of the good old "Do Not Disturb", whic is now replaced by Focus. This lets you set statuses and modes for how alerts are handled during activities like sleeping, driving, working, and more.

This feature is enabled manually or automatically while driving is detected, connected to car bluetooth, or CarPlay is running.

A cool function while using Driving Focus, status are shared with other when your friends are sending a message using Messages on iOS 15

Apple CarPlay Driving Focus #bsocially

Apple CarPlay Driving Focus #bsocially


From within this settings page one can configure specific contacts and apps that are allowed to notify you during this driving mode. Using Time Sensitive Notification in iOS 15, you can receive this new type of alert. This is pretty neat because one can set particular rules for when driving, work, personal time or do not disturb.



On the new iOS 15, now it allows to change up to four new wallpaper options (each with dark and light mode).

Apple CarPlay Wallpapers #bsocially


What do you think about the new CarPlay features?


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