Pakora, Moong dal Pakoda recipe, How to make mirchi Pakoda

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The crunchy texture of the fried flour and the gooey vegetable wrapped inside it when dipped in a spicy chutney, is something that satisfies the foody in all of us and yet makes us crave for more.

A perfect snack for a rainy evening or something to enjoy while taking a stroll in the narrow lanes of the Indian streets with your loved one, Pakora is a flavorful ecstasy made to jolt the taste buds out of their monotony. It is a spiced fritter originating from the Indian subcontinent and is one of the most common snack or street food in Indian households, especially in North ad West India, and is sold in streets as well. Pakora goes very well with Chai which is a match made in heaven and Chai Pakora is literally an emotion for the Indians.