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NBA 2K23 is the latest NBA 2K game released by 2K Games and there are many changes in this game that make this game better. Sure, the game is still easy to pick up. However, the extensive changes made to multiple systems can be a big surprise and create a noticeable skill gap. If you want to stay on top of these changes, then you can use NBA 2K23 MT buy some props to build strong players.

These changes aren't bad. Upgrades to the pro sticks allow for more precise control while slashing at the basket, which is an immediate blast. Adding obfuscations like fadeaways and Euro steps to the clip can make things engaging and strategic. Ditto for deeper under-basket control, giving players control over the type of layup or dunk attempt, rather than just leaving it to pre-made animations.

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While last year was an intense shooting fest, the offensive gameplay tweaks don't just favor slashing. With five new shot meters to choose from this year, it's fun to try each new sensation. The new feedback through the shot arc shows where players are going wrong, which is nice. Using more metrics to measure whether shots are hitting is another good step toward full simulation status.

While pro sticks and shooting details make headlines, the stamina system seems to have the biggest impact on gameplay. Players have three sprint meters at a time, called "adrenaline boosts," which are used to perform complex moves or sprints.

It cuts down on mobile spam and some of the extreme imbalances that have plagued online play for years. It even makes dueling with AI more realistic. But it does seem to have a fairly obvious problem - why does a quick score share the same amount of boost as a 7'0" center?

Minor issues like that aside, all of this helps reduce some of the "skating" moments that are sillier than the actual simulation. With less skill spam, the player seems to be in less inhumane directional changes.

The AI tweaks also gave us some formidable opponents who were able to change strategy on the field based on our performance. Here we can see how a solid gameplay foundation allows the developers to understand more details that fans will also enjoy.

On the court, this is easily the best feeling 2K ever. as is the case every year, once the game is out in the wild, players will find cheesy strategies and such, but this is a better starting point than ever.

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