Myths on Brightening Serum Cleared

Here are some QnA on brightening serum that will solve all your queries and make you realize how does it works.

What does a brightening serum do?

The brightening serum does what it says... it brightens the skin. More specifically, it evens out skin tone, brightens it, reduces visible blemishes (including dark spots) and leaves skin feeling nourished.


Does brightening serum really work?

Overall, brightening serums can be effective if used correctly, and even those with sensitive skin can benefit if you're using natural-based products (though don't be afraid to check with your dermatologist if you're worried about adding this to your routine! ) .


When should I apply a brightening serum?

As for when to use a serum in your skin care routine, it should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. “You want the serum to penetrate your skin as deeply and effectively as possible,”.


How long does the brightening serum take to work?

Brightening products: 1.5 to 2 months

"It takes 1.5 to two months because it relies on your skin to plump up and turn over to reduce hyperpigmentation."

Jhon Abhiop

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